Patrice Riemens

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Patrice Riemens (1950) is a Dutch geographer and culture/Internet activist now academically retired and living in Italy. He was researcher at the University of Amsterdam from 1987 to 2005, and ('the') Fellow of the Waag Society (formerly Society for the Old and New Media), also in Amsterdam since its inception in 1994 till 2014. He was affiliated, as propagandist ('F/LOSSopher') of the use of Free Software with the Tactical Technology Collective between 2003 and 2009, last as member of their advisory board. Was also active as translator and interpreter, mostly of the now deceased French architect and thinker Paul Virilio. But has been mostly involved in Internet activism from the late 1980s till today. He  was co-organizer of a number of net-related events and conferences, such as the Galactic Hackers Party (1989) and subsequent big, 4-yearly international hackers gathering in the Netherlands, and a smattering of smaller ones (which have his preference).  He is member of the Dutch hackers group 'Hippies from Hell' since its beginnings.