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Alessandro Salice is Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of University College Cork. Previously, Alessandro held postdoctoral positions at the Universities of Graz, Basel, Vienna, and at the Center for Subjectivity Research in Copenhagen. He also was Research Fellow at the Universities of Memphis, Okayama, Dublin (UCD), and Visiting Professor in Moscow (RGGU), Cagliari, and Milan (San Raffaele). The research topics Alessandro is currently working on mainly relate to the forms, kinds, and distortions of human sociality. They include questions such as: what does it mean to share a social identity with others and how do we form this identity? How does social identity relate to the sense of self? How does it impact emotions like shame, pride, envy or self-esteem? How does it enable (or impede) collaborative endeavours? Is social identity disturbed in psychopathology and, if so, how? Does social identity presuppose empathy and a social understanding of the other? Is it possible to share a social identity with robots? Alessandro has extensively published on these and cognate topics. His methodological approach is informed by classical phenomenology, by analytic philosophy of mind, and by the empirical sciences of the mind (including social, developmental, and cognitive psychology). Further information about Alessandro, together with some of his publications, can be found at the following websites: and