Thursday, May 9th, 2019, 7 pm
Participants: Mitra Azar, Donatella Della Ratta,
Matias Guerra, Giorgio Sancristoforo

Mitra Azar is an eclectic nomadic video-squatter and ARTthropologist with a background in aesthetic philosophy. The idea of border as fluid, flexible, amorphous entity and the political role of art and digital technologies within the frame of an aesthetic of crisis and of mass events have been the framework of his practice based research. In the last years, Mitra have been investigating crisis areas located both at geographical borders and during upraises and revolutions, focusing on offline/online mass behaviors and politics of space mainly through the lens of visual anthropology, art, and media philosophy. Mitra have been field-researching in between filmmaking, media anthropology, tactical media and visual art for about 10 years, living as a nomad and working in some of the most critical area of the world.

Matias Guerra. Born 1973 in Santiago, Chile. Has lived in Quito, London and Rome. Now resident in Milan. Besides his activity as visual artist, he is deeply interested in electronic music ad improvisation, playing guitar as main instrument. Information Technology expert, field in which he also works, since 1990 he is involved in the realization of cultural projects inherent to art, IT, communication, critique and social movements. He has collaborated with several associations as artist, organizer or promoter, always prioritizing collective and self-sustained work.

Donatella Della Ratta is a scholar, writer, performer, and curator specializing in digital media and networked technologies, particularly in the Arab world. Shooting a Revolution: Visual Media and Warfare in Syria (Pluto Press, 2018) is her new essay on networked communications technologies in the context of contemporary Syria. Donatella holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen focusing on the politics of Syrian TV drama. She is a former Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication, Pennsylvania University, and an Affiliate of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Donatella has managed the Arabic speaking community for the international organization Creative Commons for five years (2007-2013). She is co-founder and board member of the website SyriaUntold, recipient of the Digital Communities award at Ars Electronica 2014. She has curated several international art exhibitions and film programs, including “Syria off frame”, a collective show of 140 Syrian artists (Fondazione Cini, Venice, 2015), and “Syrian New Waves” on contemporary image-making in Syria (The Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, 2017).

Giorgio Sancristoforo is a Milan-based artist and sound designer specialized in computer programming for Sci-Art and contemporary classical music. He’s member of AGON, The Prisma Composers Group and the SAE Institute. He currently works with the Joint Research Centre (JRC-Ispra) of the European Commission, exploring genetic code and ionizing radiation.